Decimal Floating Point
Java class library

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  • ant

    This project is built using Jakarta ant. If you don't already have ant, you can obtain it from the Jakarta ant site.

  • Building the default dfp.jar

    dfp.jar can be built with the following command executed in the root directory of the distribution.


    This wil build a dfp.jar file which will contain the default precision dfp classes.

  • Building other precisions

    The default build produces classes with a default percision of 5 radix 10000 digits (about 17 decimal digits) . Sometimes you may need more precision.

    Suppose you need to have 10 radix 10000 digits of precision (about 37 decimal digits). You can build another set of classes that has this extended precision with the following command:

    ant -Dprecision=10

    This will produce the file dfp10.jar. This JAR contains extended precision classes similar to the default ones but with different names. The class dfp becomes dfp10 and dfpmath becomes dfp10math.